About Us
Who is Sababa Connect?
Sababa Connect was envisioned as a company that would supply quality products at affordable prices – products that solve everyday headaches and problems.  Sababa Connect was born as the brainchild of Alet Brits, an individual with an extensive background in the information and Communication Technology sector, as well as being involved in the corporate sale of Point of Sale products.  Alet envisioned a company that could provide products that boast better design and quality elements over the competition.

Sababa use only the finest quality, fully recyclable materials to manufacture their products, which are assembled and distributed locally.  Products include a Checkout Counter Frame for the mounting of electronic equipment, being used at retail multilane checkout counters, a Pin Entry Device (PED) Stand / Cradle for the mounting of various Card Payment Terminals and a Cable Management Solution.

Their client relationships are built on the knowledge that the understand the Point of Sale (POS) trading area requirements, including the equipment and processes supporting transacting, and elements affecting uptime and costs.

Through partnering with someone of South Africa’s most well – respected industrial design and manufacturing companies, Sababa Connect designed and manufactured their product set.

Sababa Connect will also soon source and distribute other innovative products not only for the retailer but also for the general consumer market, which will include Health and Animal products.

Sababa Connect continues to keep their eyes on the future, and look forward to providing customers with products that are of a higher quality and superior design, which will ultimately result in efficient and functional business and home solutions to service our clients and growing our business.