The K1 Checkout Counter Frame provides the retailer with a solid futuristic solution. It is customizable, with Huge Branding space and secure clasps to mount equipment to the modern Aluminum Pipe Frame.

Secure counter top stand for the following electronic payment devices:  Ingenico IPP320,IPP350 Pin Pads, Verifone Vx810,Vx820 Pind Pads, MagiC3 R-Series, MagiC4 R-Series

Modular cable management system. Arrange cables in order of preference for easy identification and ease of maintenance.

 Size: 102 x 102 x 29mm

The K1 Checkout Counter Frame

The K1 Checkout Counter Frame provides the retailer with a solid, futuristic solution that is customizable with huge branding space and secure clasps to mount equipment to the modern Aluminum Pipe frame.

Cables are completely hidden and protected and fed through the pipe from the equipment to the power source, minimizing holes in the counter top.

Multiple electronic equipment units can be attached to the Frame.

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The Checkout counter Frame Solution consists of the following parts:

Aluminum extruded Pipe (The frame’s backbone). The pipe has a specifically designed 4 screw-guide profile inside for attaching plastic pipe parts i.e. to the counter connector and to the corner elbow connectors as indicated above.

Added knurling to the outside diameter provides grip for the Clasp bracket, allowing fairly heavy equipment such as touch-screen monitors to be attached securely. The Clasp and Clasp bracket are glass-filled-nylon plastic injection molded parts, which are rigid and durable. Equipment is mounted to the frame using the clasp bracket. Cables are fed through the clasp and into the pipe – protecting the cable completely.

The Frame Pipe opening is covered with two pieces of flexible PVC which are specifically extruded parts, fitting the profile inside the pipe, thus providing an effective dust cover and protection to the cables inside the pipe, yet allowing easy access should cables require work. The counter connector is manufactured from glass-filled- nylon and the connector cover is made from ABS. A Horizontal installation will require two elbow connectors and elbow covers.

The Elbow connector is made from glass-filled-Nylon and the Cover from ABS. The Clasp Elbow and Elbow cover is to mount the Sababa GR8 PED stand to the Clasp bracket and then to the Frame. Both Parts are manufactured from ABS plastic. A Signature Plate and Protection Frame Cover can be one single unit or two separate units cut from Perspex and can be shaped/bent as required. Both are mounted to the frame using the clasp Bracket. Branding can be done on the Signature Plate and or the Protecting Frame shield.

The Cashier monitor, Client facing monitor, Price Display Pole, Barcode scanner, QR Reader/ scanner and printer will require a metal bracket matching the fastening holes of the equipment and the Clasp bracket. These parts are laser cut to a client’s specific equipment in use. Optional items such an Aluminum counter cover to cover old installation holes in counters and a conveyor wedge can be provided to provide a total solution – these items will be laser cut to requirements.

Fasteners are provided with each configuration of the solution. A detailed assembling sheet is included with each product supplied.

Summary – Unique Points:

  • The Checkout counter frame is modern, solid, and innovatively designed.
  • It can hold different model devices including future devices and is fully customizable
  • Quick assembly and installation time.
  • Cables run on the inside of the frame pipe and are 100% protected – increased uptime, lower maintenance and increased bottom line.
  • The Frame is ergonomically and aesthetically designed to fit into contemporary shopping environments
  • The Frame can be manufactured quickly and in large numbers.
  • The Frame parts are manufactured using injection molding and extrusion tools and colour options are available to match retail stores’ Corporate Brand identities.
  • The materials to be used for the different parts are ABS, Glass-filled-Nylon, Flex PVC and Aluminum, which are all very durable and recyclable materials with a very low manufacturing carbon foot print.
  • The Frame design and its features are Design Protected.

The GR8 PED Stand

The Pin Entry Device (PED) mounting Stand developed by Sababa Connect, is made using materials such as ABS, nylon and polycarbonate. The plastic materials are durable, and also reduce the risk of conductivity, which is a common occurrence with metal PED stands. Because Sababa makes use of plastic when building their products, we are able to offer a more affordable product which is lightweight, more cost effective to transport and fully recyclable.

The stand rotates smoothly on an axis of 270 degrees to avoid any over-rotation. The wiring of the card terminal rotates along with the stand to avoid and tangled cables, and also minimizes tension on the cables. All of the cables from the card terminal are housed conveniently on the inside of the stand pipe, giving a more aesthetically pleasing look and preventing the cables from becoming tangled.

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3 Height Options are available – 16cm, 22cm and 28cm

Through working with industrial design experts and leading manufacturing companies, Sababa Connect is able to deliver a product that will meet the clients’ needs in any environment. Whether in a high-volume retail setting, or a smaller shopping venue, the Sababa Connect PED terminal stand is built to satisfy your business demands.

Sababa Connect supports all local industry, and therefore all of our products are manufactured, assembled and distributed within South Africa.

The GR8 PED stand securely mounts the VeriFone VX810, VX820, MagIC3R-series , MagIC4R-series and the Ingenico iPP320 & 350 multi Lane Pin Entry Devices for Card Payment transactions.

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The Card Payment Device (PED) is mounted to the baseplate with the fasteners provided for each model. Feed the cables of the payment device through the top of the stand Pole opening down the pipe and through the counter top hole to the power source.


Slide the device mounted to the base-plate onto the stand pole, following the angel of the opening at the top, Till it lock securely. To remove the payment device and base-plate from the pole again, hold the device securely with one hand and press the base-plate clips inwards with the other hand, to release the base-plate from the stand

TIDY Cable Management

Currently at most of the retail store checkout counter, the cables of electronic and date equipment installed are tied together with cable ties and cause interference between data and electrical cables.

Neatly mounting a bundle of cables tied together is virtually impossible.  Tension and strain on cable insultations due to abusive use and the applying of cable ties too tightly and too close to moving points cause cable faults and equipment failure.

Maintenance or replacement of installed equipment becomes difficult due to difficulty in locating and removal of the correct cable and to tie all the cables neatly afterwards again.

The Sababa cable TIDY solution address all the above issues beautifully.

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Design, Material specifications and manufacturing:

Dimensions:102 x 102 x 29mm.  It can accommodate 7 standard power cables and 6 USB type cables.  The design provides individual trunking per cable, which keeps cables neatly together although separate.

The unit makes it easy to access and to remove a particular cable without disrupting other cable installations.

The units clip together cleverly should you need to accommodate more cables per installation or should you want to separate data and electrical cables.  Clipping of the modular unit can be in straight lines or turned 90 degrees to accommodate corner installations.

The cover of the unit is designed to protect the cables and also provides the option of marking the cables and installations and to complete the product.

The unit is manufactures from Polypropylene and can be manufactured in different color options to match corporate colors or in light grey visible in dark spots.

The solution was designed with the focus on the retailer and specific the retail checkout counter area.  We believe that this solution addresses these requirements very well but also fits and works in other areas such as in corporate offices to keep cables to desk tidy and together.

The unit(s) can be attached to desk, walls and to the floor, using screws, Velcro tape or double sided tape.
Communication and information server rooms also benefit from this solution to manage, protect, neaten and for easy identifying of cables.

Consumers use these units for home and home-office installations where multiple electrical, electronic and communication devices are used and cables needs to be secured, tidy and manageable.

This is a unique, innovation, funky, highly marketable “gadget” tool that addresses a very specific need very well.  It has branding options and could be used to identify specific cable installations.

Designed and Built in South Africa

Ergonomically and Aesthetically Designed

Branding Space


Modular and Customizable


Durable and Robust

Cost effective

Recyclable Materials

Reduces Maintenance