K1 Checkout Counter Frame

The K1 Checkout Counter Frame provides the retailer with a solid, futuristic solution. It is customisable, with huge branding space and secure clasps to mount equipment to the modern Aluminum Pipe frame.

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GR8 PED Stand

Secure counter top stand for the following electronic payment devices:
Ingenico IPP320, iPP350 Pin Pads, Verifone VX810, VX820 Pin Pads, MagIC3 R-series, MagIC4 R-series

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TIDY Cable Managment

Modular cable management system. Arranges cables in order of preference for easy identification and ease of maintenance.
Size: 102 x 102 x 29mm

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Designed and Built in South Africa

  • Ergonomically and Aesthetically Designed

  • Branding Space

  • Futuristic

  • Modular and Customizable

  • Accommodates Multiple Devices

  • Durable and Robust

  • Cost effective

  • Recyclable Materials

  • Reduces Maintenance

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